Questions to help facilitate Requirements discussions – A Checklist

The penalties for requirements that miss the true business needs are huge. At best the project takes longer than planned due to design and development on features that are not required. At worst, the factory runs for years suboptimally.

How do you systematise your requirements phase to ensure a high quality system, yet still allow for local standardisation?

This checklist is a list of questions to facilitate the requirements phase of a project. It allows a standard process, while remaining flexible to the method that requirements are documented.

For example,

  • How should recipe values be managed? ­­ Should these be managed on the HMI, or on an external system?
  • Is any synchronisation with other systems (ERP, MES) required?
  • Are there requirements to send data to specialised devices (barcode scanners, label printers)
  • What language should the application/documentation be in?

PS – I wrote about this in more detail in Control Engineering Magazine

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As an added bonus, I’m also including 3 templates for requirements documentation from (S88, GAMP, and another integrator that has given permission)

Facilitate process automation requirements – for integrators or factories

eBook Cover - Requirements
  • Detailed questions to ask yourself to make sure you don’t have any surprising (missing!) functionality later on
  • Commonly missed “extra” functionality – like communications to extra systems, documentation and other deliverables, schedule, how alarms will work, reporting/metrics, security, user display and control that can increase cost by thousands of dollars/euros/pounds if missed
  • Scheduling questions to ask yourself to make sure everyone’s on the same page when planning the project
  • 3 different URS document templates for your use based on industry standard
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