Control System Health Check

10390134_10100886877917567_2455742196814230361_nYour factory’s control system churns happily away for years…that is, until something goes wrong and somebody has to figure out what. That’s when the real issues come to the surface — how useful and available your documentation is, how well-trained your maintenance staff are, whether your alarms can point the engineering and operations staff to the true issue quickly…

Unfortunately, if done wrong, all of these things could mean the difference between your factory being shut down for 10 minutes or 5 hours (I’ve seen it happen).

That’s why I created this checklist so that you too can have the same best-practises that some of the best, most reliable, highest profit manufacturing companies in the WORLD use. If you ever wanted to know what the multi-BILLION dollar manufacturing companies do to ensure they’ll always get running again quickly, you’ll want to download this checklist.

Bulletproof your control system – how some of the best manufacturing companies in the world manage their automation

eBook Cover - Health Check
  • How to identify and prioritise nagging functionality issues that are slowing down your operators and production
  • How your alarms could either be helping, or hurting your maintenance team (and what to do about it)
  • How to organise your documentation and source files to make sure they can easily be found by all of your maintenance and engineering staff
  • Several “disaster readiness” questions that can help you and your leadership team determine what you would do if the worst were to happen